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Indoor and outdoor designer products dedicated to architects and designers

Solutions conceived for interior design projects. Our selection, intended for architects and designers, includes porcelain sinks, tables, and furniture to furnish any room.

Discover the destinations of our products


Porcelain washbasins and tables for hotels and hospitality facilities. A range of tailor-made solutions suitable for hospitality spaces.


Custom porcelain furniture dedicated to retail design. Tables and sinks in different shapes and sizes to transform the shopping experience in stores and boutiques.


Porcelain products that can be customized in every detail to fit the needs of spa and wellness center projects, where design meets safety, strength, durability, and hygiene.


Sinks, ceramic tables, and porcelain furniture for offices of all sizes. A mix of style and functionality for private and public spaces.


Tailor-made solutions that blend into any home environment. Designed for upscale residential projects, the porcelain sinks, tables, and bathroom furnishings transform spaces into elegant, welcoming environments.

    Our porcelain stoneware furnishing solutions